Monday, February 9, 2009

New Track - Untitled...

This one is nowhere near finished and needs a LOT of improvement but I worked on it pretty much all day yesterday and wanted to get it out so that I could try and get some feedback. I don't have a title for it yet. I've provided a few nerdy details about the track below...they aren't really important, the important thing is to just listen! ...and tell me what you think.

Click on the player below to listen or right-click HERE to download.

I decided to take a minimalistic approach to the writing of this one but I didn't want it to sound like minimalist music. It was composed as simply two melody lines, one in the piano and one in the bass. I also put some auto-tuned vocals on this track, but they are disguised a bit and not prevalent until the very end. The more I record my trumpet the more I realize that I really need to get myself a decent microphone. I'm satisfied with the mic I have for live gigs because in that situation the natural, acoustic sound of my trumpet projects enough to balance things out but when I go into the "studio" it's really not working. Anyone have an RE-20 they want to sell to me for cheap???


  1. I like the track. It started off a little slow for me, but your trumpet picked it right up. I would definitely put this on my iPod.

  2. awesome...thanks man! put it on your iPod! give it to everyone you know to put it on their iPod too! i'll try to make the beginning a little more interesting...

  3. Brian-
    I'm really digging the stuff you've been putting on your site. Keep it coming. This one reminds me of some of that DJ Krush/Toshinori Kondo stuff you gave me a real long time ago. Awesome.

    Out of curiosity what are you using to record? Do you just have a SM57? I'm in an audio engineering class right now and my teacher owns a studio so I could probably get some more recommendations on mics for brass. Let me know.

  4. When we move back into our downtown offices, and I have access to practice rooms downstairs, I plan on doing some practicing. Cept I hate etudes, and I really want to mess around with this electronic stuff. You guys are going to have to help me with what the hell to do gear wise, and Brian, some cool ways in which I can use it :-)

    Track sounds cool (of course). I wanna hear it w/ other instrumentalists!!

  5. i don't remember playing etudes much...maybe i did in high school?

    other instrumentalists??? i was ALL of the instrumentalists, lol. yeah, i feel you on that. thanks for listening lee! and kevin...i will definitely keep it coming!