Saturday, March 28, 2009

Before the Music Dies

i saw this posted on facebook. i made the following comments about it:

"thanks for posting this man...somewhat frustrating to watch though. branford marsalis was saying that shit about how no one liked ornette or coltrane for 5 years and that was true, but look at what happened to them and how people ended up embracing their music. that so many artists trying to do new things today never get a chance because they don't fit the "formula" is epic bullshit. i feel like i have to look so hard to find interesting artists to listen to...damn.

i love being a nerd and doing all the research to try and find new artists that i connect with and that are doing new things, but it's hard work and it shouldn't have to be that way. that music that i look so hard to find should COME TO ME! but it doesn't because of what this documentary talks about. what have we really heard since hip hop?"

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