Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey - Make Your Own Remix

It seems a lot of bands are releasing stems these days as part of some "remix contest" or whatever. I might throw these in Logic and mess around with them, or maybe do a Koplant No thing. Either way, it's really cool to listen to each of the tracks individually.

From the JFJO website:

Just download the eight 'stem' tracks that make up Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey's 'Tetherball Triumph,' and get started on creating your own 'Tetherball Triumph' remix! Enter your email below and we'll send you the 'stems' so you can get started. Then get creative and do your thing, chop it up, add some effects, a new beat, whatever you want. When you're all done email your creation in mp3 format to remix@jfjo.com. We'll upload all remixes to the player on this page for all to hear. You have until May 1st to submit your mix. JFJO will then vote on their favorite remix. The winning mix will be featured on jfjo.com, myspace, facebook, etc. The creator of the mix will receive 2 copies of the Lil Tae Rides Again vinyl, a copy of the Lil Tae Rides Again CD, a new JFJO tshirt, tickets to the next JFJO show in their city, and more! So what are you waiting for? Enter your email and start remixing now!

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